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The position and character of the sensualist: he never looks to himself for benefit or harm, but always to external things. The position and character of the sage: be looks for benefit or harm only to himself.

The tokens of one who is making advance: he blames none; he praises none; he finds fault with none; he accuses none; he never speaks of himself as being somewhat, or as knowing aught; when he is let or hindered in anything he accuses himself; if anyone praises him, he laughs at him in his sleeve; if anyone blames him, he makes no defence; he goes about like convalescents, fearing to move the parts that are settling together before they have taken hold.

He has taken out of himself all desire, and has transferred his aversion solely to things contrary to Nature which depend upon ourselves. He attempts nothing, except lightly and indifferently. If he is thought foolish or unlearned, he is not concerned. In one word, he watches himself as he would a treacherous enemy.

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